"I have been training with Philip and Martina Chubb since December 2012, and I can say it has been life changing. I went from struggling to learn about real exercises, falling behind in the fitness class I was taking, and just overall out of shape to actually being educated on technique and exercises that helped me reach and conquer specific goals. One of those goals being the dreaded muscle up. Philip and Martina started me out with simple easy to follow step by step instruction with each training session we had followed by “prehab” exercises and various other exercises to complement me on my journey to the muscle up. I started from failing at completing one set of assisted muscle ups to actually doing a full fledged muscle up! It was so surprising, funny and amazing, to actually see something work and pay off when working out! I never had that happen before! It’s always been just repetitive trips to the gym and eventually getting bored and giving up. But not this time and it’s all due to Philip and Martina’s motivation and expert instruction that I did something I thought would be absolutely unattainable by any means. Stick with Philip and Martina and they will get you to your goals, just be ready to follow instruction and put the work in and I promise you, they will get you there."

-Nick Castro

Student at Evolve Academy


"Do yourself a favor, hire Philip and Martina Chubb. Take out your credit card or checkbook and become one of their clients ASAP.

Whether your goal is improved cardiovascular health, strength gains, fat loss or improved mobility, Philip and Martina have the skill set to accomplish your goals in an efficient and timely manner.

Philip and Martina are dedicated to providing their clients with the most up- to-date training techniques, in order to maximize your time and effort in the gym. Their constant and never ending research combined with their practical experience, assures you a fun filled, results producing training program."

-Jess Banda

 Poliquin Group Head Course Conductor, LMT


"As someone who has undergone online coaching before, and someone who trains others too, I am very well-aware of the difficulties of conducting online coaching. Without direct face-to-face experience, there is a lot more effort required to provide quality coaching.

I inquired with Philip Chubb because of a few important reasons: i) his ability to articulate and explain his thoughts on training well on social media, ii) his ability to show his own impressive movement skills and iii) a hunch that we would get along in terms of chemistry. The 3rd point is probably one of the most important aspects of our working relationship, as it can be impossible to improve in your training without good rapport with your coach. Furthermore, he's responsive and accessible whenever I have inquiries, hence providing very detailed guidance. 

Teaching movement-based skills is an extremely hard endeavour, and I do believe, along with our mentor Ido Portal, it is rare to find a good teacher. Philip has been a good representative of this ideal in our relationship, and I look forward to learning more from him!

-Douglas Evans

Personal Trainer/Movement Teacher in Singapore

"An hour spent with Philip was like falling into the rabbit hole. So many insights, and a lot of information and inspiration gleamed from it. It fueled my practice and gave me big breakthroughs - I will certainly be doing this again. Knowledgeable, humble, no bullshit."

-Tristan Kobayashi

Owner at Walk The Fire  in U.K.




" Whenever I think about taking my body to the next level, I go to Phil and Martina for advice because I know that they're obsessed about maximizing the potential of the human body. I've also seen how much time and effort they've invested in improving their expertise, and it is nothing short of amazing ."

- Kenneth Brown

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor at Evolve Academy


"I came across Philip and Martina via the social media movement community and watched with interest their journey for some months before hiring them. What led to that decision was their continuous application of knowledge, expanded through extensive reading, participation at seminars and self experimentation. They haven't just appeared out of nowhere with all the answers: the documented, ongoing, organic growth of their demonstrable expertise does them credit. 

The coaching I receive from Philip and Martina is via email. If you do the same you'll find yourself wanting every communication you have by email to be as friendly and enthused as theirs. There is never a dull message; their infectious momentum for success they will pass on to you. Many questions will be asked in order to clarify exactly what you seek and how best to tailor specific programming for you. The more information you give them to work with, initially and on an ongoing basis, the better they can give you feedback in turn. Over the course of the six months I have been working with them my programming has adapted based on this mutual feedback, reaping the rewards month after month in terms of mobility and strength as per my goals.

Wholeheartedly I can recommend them."

-Thomas McSweeny

Writer and Entrepreneur, UK.

"I was always a little skeptical about working out. I’ve never been physically fit, and in my sport it hurt my performance. I’ve known that in order to make a leap in skill and performance I would have to start working out and getting stronger. I just never knew where to start and any effort I put into it by myself seemed to be a waste. I am lucky to have had the chance to work with Mindful Mover, Philip and Martina Chubb. Their knowledge and expertise in movement, strength, and flexibility are mind blowing. After a 2 hour work shop I was left with the knowledge and basic plan to become significantly stronger in the next 3 months. I could not have asked for more. The plan given to me doesn’t take away from the time I need to spend on my sport in order to improve either, side bonus! It did help that they were incredibly knowledgeable in my sport, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Making every exercise, progression, and stretch applicable to Jiu Jitsu."

-Danny Heath

Teacher at Team Randori, Maryland

" I've been working with Philip and Martina through online coaching for more or less 4 months now. I turned to them because they seemed knowledgeable and extremely dedicated (their results in their own training speak for themselves). I got what I expected, which was solid programming tailored to reach my goals. What I didn't expect was their dedication to help (any question I have asked regarding training has been thoroughly answered) and how nice these guys are. My progress is better than ever, and it feels more like being helped by a friend than being trained by a coach."

- Elliot Delcroix

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