Anna Planche Progress

There are a lot of methods that you can use to develop your first Planche... but the BEST one is definitely progressing with Leaned Forward Pushups!

Why are Leaned Forward Pushups the best way to get your first Planche?

For several reasons.

One reason is that it actually WORKS. Unlike other methods like Bench Pressing or Weighted Pushups, Leaned Forward Pushups (LFPU) will actually get you your Planche. It sounds funny but there are a lot of Planche methods out there that claim to work but use exercises that don't actually work to achieve a Planche. There's no point in spending time on an exercise that won't get you towards your goal, right? LFPUs actually WILL get you towards your goal.

Two is the wide range of gains. LFPUs will help you achieve your first Planche AND will help you make gains on your Planche Pushup, One Arm Pushup, Dips, and other movements along the way. Instead of working on something like Banded Planches and achieving only a Planche, you work on LFPU and achieve EXTRA gains for the time you train.

Three is that it doesn't take much time. LFPUs are intense enough that you can train them as little as once a week and still gain!

That's what happened to our online trainee, Anna. She came to us without a Planche and we started with LFPUs. Now, she's able to perform a Tuck Planche AND a Tuck Planche Pushup eccentric and it only took one training session a week! That's called working "smarter not harder"!