Mindful Mover

At Mindful Mover. Our goal is to help you reach your goals and become the best you that you can be in the most efficient way possible.

We want you to be able to experience all the potential your body has to offer.

We want you to enjoy the strength, mobility, and ability that your body is capable of through smart training and progressive work. And we want you to be able to gain all this while still having time to enjoy the rest of what life has to offer as well.



 1. Using the best tool for the job.

That means using what works best for the goals you have. Some tools are better than others and will save you time and allow you to make progress in multiple goals.

At Mindful Mover, we focus on those tools. The ones that will give you the most improvements for the time and work you put in. For the upper body, that means bodyweight strength training. Bodyweight strength has a wide carryover to strength training, performance, and even more traditional weight lifting. For the lower body, weight training is the tool for the job. The strongest and most powerful lower bodies are built by weight training.

By combining these two tools, you can create a body that is strong and prepared for anything life, athletics, and movement has to throw at you.


2. Training Smarter, not harder.

While training and improving are great, they aren't the only thing in life. We understand that people have other passions, pursuits, and obligations as well. Not everyone has eight hours to be in the gym all day. And with good programming, you don't need to anyway.

At Mindful Mover, we structure our training to give you the most improvements with the least amount of work. Our goal is that you can reach your goals and experience the potential your body has to offer without it taking up so much time that you never have to use it. We want you to make your improvements while still enjoying your friends, family, and other passions. So our training and education focuses on working smarter, not harder and making the most improvements with the least work possible.


3. Info, not ego.

There are a lot of egotistical trainers and coaches in the field, but it's not something you'll find at Mindful Mover. Our goal isn't to confuse you or make you feel inadequate and like you don't understand what we are talking about. Our goal is to help you get better. That's why we write our post, blogs, and plans in a way people can understand even if they're not trainers, doctors, or physical therapist themselves. We want you to come away better and having learned more instead of leaving more confused and unable to understand the material we put out.


4. Personalization.

We aim to put the coaching back in the coaching industry. That means being coached by actual people who care for you, want to see you grow, and will be there to respond and help you when you have questions and concerns. You aren't going to be tossed a plan and ignored for days. We are here to coach in a personable and supportive way so you can make the best gains possible on your journey with us.

Join us on our journey to become mindful movers.

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