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We want you to experience all the potential your body has to offer, through smart training and progressive work. while still having time to enjoy the rest of what life has to offer.


Philip & Martina Chubb

Enjoy The Strength, Mobility, And Ability That Your Body Can Achieve

At Mindful Mover, our goal is to help you reach your goals and become the best you that you can be in the most efficient way possible.

We want you to be able to experience all the potential your body has to offer.


We're Here For You

We Aim To Put The Coaching Back In The Coaching Industry

That means being coached by people who actually care for you, want to see you grow, and will be there to respond and help you when you have questions and concerns.

You aren't going to be tossed a plan and ignored for days.

We are here to coach in a personable and supportive way so you can make the best gains possible on your journey with us.


Do You Want To Train & Gain?

Drop us a line and climb aboard the gain train to see how you can gain without spending all day in the gym.


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Training tips & advice to help you get aboard the Gain Train and stay off the Pain Train.