Andy Planche Pushup

Can you REALLY make long term strength gains while training only one time per week? Our online trainee, Andy, shows that the answer to that question is “YES”!

When Andy first start training with us, one of the progressions we started him on was Leaned Forward Pushups (LFPU). We had him train those with Accommodating Resistance once per week.

Over time, his strength grew until he could do what you see in the video: Planche Pushups! With only one session per week, he went from LFPUs to being able to move his entire bodyweight in the air with only his arms! (And the same thing happened with other progressions like Front Lever Rows and more)

Andy is yet another example that shows that training “Smarter, Not Harder” works. If you use high intensity, you can train hard enough to make gains while only needing to do one training session a week. That saves you time that can go towards making gains in OTHER places in life. Not just the gym.