Katerina Tuck Planche

The Leaned Forward Pushup is THE BEST tool we’ve found (so far) for developing your first Planche. Make it your primary tool for achieving that goal!

Why is the Leaned Forward Pushup (LFPU) the best rather than other tools like bands, Planche Leans, etc? Why does it deserve a place in your program rather than those others?

For several reasons!

One: It will give you gains towards your Static Planche AND your Planche Pushup. The straight arm hold at the top of the LFPU develops the Static Planche. And the bent arm portion of the movement develops your Planche Pushup strength. So unlike bands and Planche Leans, you’re making gains towards being able to do your first Planche AND your first Planche Pushup. You’re getting multiple gains for the price of one movement!

Two: LFPUs don’t require a lot of training time! Because you can apply Accommodating Resistance by adjusting the amount of lean you use DURING the repetition, you can ensure that your reps are MAXIMALLY loaded the entire movement. That lets you get a powerful training stimulus and ensures you don’t need a lot of training sessions to make gains! You’re getting more gains in less time!

Three: LFPUs actually work. It sounds funny to say that, but there are SO many Planche training methods out there that sound good in theory… but don’t worry so well in practice. LFPUs are NOT one of those methods. They work! How do we know?

Our online trainee in the video above, Katerina, is an example. She went from not being able to hold a Planche at all to being able to hold her first ones! It was the ONLY Planche movement she needed to do to gain it. And she only needed one session a week to gain it! It let her make bent arm pushing gains, straight arm pushing gains, achieve her first Planches, and it only took one session per week! That’s training “smarter, not harder’!