Yoni Handstand Pushup Progress

Should you ONLY use a certain movement if you can do it with PERFECT form?

Some trainers & trainees think so. A popular example is the Pike Pushup. It’s a progression towards the Handstand Pushup (HSPU) that isn’t always performed very well when a trainee first tries it. Because of that, a trainer or trainee might think: “I shouldn’t use this exercise because the form won’t be good. I will use something like Overhead Press instead”.

But is that what you have to do? Absolutely not! That thinking doesn’t take into fact that your exercise form can BE a “form” of improvement!

To see an example, look at the above example with our trainee, Yoni. When he started with Pike Pushups, his form wasn’t perfect. His hips weren’t above his head. His pressing angle was more diagonal than vertical. And the list could go on. Some trainers and trainees would say that he shouldn’t use Pike Pushups and should use Overhead Press instead.

But if you look at the “AFTER” video, you can see that his form improved! The hips are above the head. The pressing angle is more vertical. And there is much more load on the hands. These improvements in form came from doing the Pike Pushup itself and progressively improving as a form of progressive overload!

The point: You don’t need perfect form to use an exercise. You can gradually improve your form AS your form of improvement and get aboard the Gain Train!