Antoine Ring Handstand

Are you trying to get into a Ring Handstand but are scared to do it?

If so, one way to work up towards it is to simply keep getting stronger!

You can do that by working on Ring Handstand Pushup progressions like Pike Pushups and Elevated Pike Pushups. Keep adding more and more weight into your hands until your feet eventually become SO light that you’re able to float in the air at the bottom of each rep you do.

Over time, you’ll begin to notice that you can float earlier and earlier until you eventually achieve liftoff. From there, you can progress to getting more vertical as you feel more confident!

That’s what our trainee, Antoine, is doing here in our online coaching! Like most people who value their lives and prefer NOT to smash their faces into the ground, he was a bit nervous about taking his feet off the ground for the Ring HSPU progressions.

So, we had him continue working on our HSPU progressions with Accommodating Resistance so that he is MAXIMALLY loading his weight onto his hands during the entire repetition. And over time, he’s gotten to the point where he can now float in the air. Later, we’ll try to increase the HEIGHT at which the feet float until he’s eventually performing eccentrics with his feet on the straps.