Japheth Nordic Leg Curl

Try these three tips get more intensity out of each rep that you do and get more gains from your training.

One. Make sure the concentric (lifting) part of each of your lifts is HARD. You shouldn't hit failure. But each lift should be a challenge.

Two. Make sure the eccentric (lowering) part of the lift is even harder than the concentric. Remember, we're stronger at LOWERING things than we are at lifting them. So you can get more intensity from your reps if you lower with a heavier load.

Three. Add a pause to the weakest point of the exercise during the eccentric. That will ensure the weakest point becomes stronger and the whole movement will get better as a result!

Our trainee, Japheth performs his Nordic Leg Curl this way. He starts off by curling into position where he can achieve liftout with the MINIMAL amount of hip flexion needed. That makes the concentric difficult. Then he lowers down in a harder position to make the eccentric harder. And finally, he adds a pause at the bottom at the weak point to make the whole movement stronger!

Combining all those together lets him get a LOT of intensity out of just a few reps which means he needs less training to gain! And that saves him time that he can spend on other things in life!