Matt Planche Pushup

Until a day in the future comes where we humans have unlimited lifespans, time is a limited resource. So it’s important for us to spend it wisely! And one way to do that is to make sure we train "Smarter, Not Harder".

One of our favorite tools for ensuring that our trainees can train smart and not have to spend a lot of time in the gym is the "1 & 1/4" rep. It’s where you add a 1/4 rep to a part of whatever exercises you’re doing.

As an example, our online trainee Matt starts off his Planche Pushup from the bottom and goes UP. Then, during the eccentric (lowering part of the movement) he starts at the bottom, lowers down 1/4, goes back up, then goes back ALL the way down! What does that extra 1/4 rep during the eccentric do?

It helps him to get more volume at the top so that he’s better able to lockout his Planche Pushups and gets more time in the straight arm position for more straight arm strength gains! It’s another way of squeezing more intensity out of less training sessions!

Techniques like this let him save time by ensuring he only has to train once-a-week to gain! Then he has plenty of time to spend in other places!