Nicolas Planche Pushup

Your form doesn’t have to be PERFECT to use an exercise. In fact, limiting yourself in that way can actually prevent you from making gains. Instead, you can use form as a way to progressively increase your strength!

In the video above, you can see an example of our trainee, Nicolas. Since he’s quite a tall trainee, his initial work with the Planche Pushup more intense than normal. As a result, his hips would drop on the way up. But did that mean we should stop doing Planche Pushups and go back to Leaned Forward Pushups?

Absolutely not! There are ways to divide up the Planche Pushup into smaller parts and try to improve each on it’s own. And as you do, the overall movement improves!

You can see the results of that in the second part of the video. Nicolas is now able to Planche Pushup from a deadstop with no momentum and keep his hips MUCH higher while doing it. And he made those gains while only needing to train this movement once a week!

It’s a clear example that requiring perfect form before moving onto an exercise is not a necessity. You can use form AS a “form” of progressive overload to get stronger!