How To Read A Workout Like A Boss

So you’re ready to workout and your trainer sends you a list of what looks like hieroglyphics, finger paints, water colors, and “abstract” art. Don’t worry. You’re not on drugs. You just have to know how to read a workout. That’s exactly what we are going to cover here.

Here’s an example of a workout:

A1: Chin Ups 5×5-7 (4,0,1,0)

Rest 90 seconds

A2: Push Ups 5×5-7 (3,2,1,0)

B1: External Rotations 3×8-10 (4,0,1,0)

Rest 60s

B2: Trap-3 Raises 3×10-12 (2,0,1,0)

Let’s start with the sets and reps.

The sets and reps always looks like this (sets x reps). So in our example, A1 is chin ups. The sets and reps are 5 sets of 5-7 reps respectively. So that means 5 sets of chin ups using a weight we can do for 5-7 reps.

Next, the numbers in parenthesis.

This is the tempo.

Then we have the letters and numbers.

We have A1, A2, B1, B2. What this means is you will alternate sets of A1 and A2 until you have completed all listed set. THEN, you will go to the Bs and alternate the same way. Do a set of B1, then rest and do B2, then rest and B1 until you finish ALL the sets.

Last is the rest.

In between the A1 and A2, it says to rest 90 seconds. So after you do a set of A1, you’ll rest 90 seconds. Then you’ll do A2 and rest another 90 seconds before doing A1 again.

And there you have it. Now you can read a workout. Take it and go improve your move.

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