When we talk about training, getting better, or even life itself, we HAVE to talk about our mindset. Our mindset dictates a lot of our training before it even happens. 




In a previous post, we went over different recovery methods and how you could use them to make more gains in your workout as well as have better health and wellness as you live. In this post, we are going to dig deeper into the diet portion. 


We previously talked about different methods we can use to recover. In this post, we are going deeper into the topic of supplements. 


Now sometimes when we hear the word supplements, we have some misconceptions. 


For example, we may think of a doctor handing us pills. These pills are usually medications, not supplements. That's different. So if you "have this rash" continue to see a doctor for your medication, but don't confuse those with supplements. 


We also often think of jacked up gym-bros handing out pills in the locker room. Those usually aren't good quality supplements. At least not the kind YOU want to take. You value your health and performance.


Benefits of Naps. How Naps Improve Recovery

In a previous post, we talked about all the various methods you could use to improve your recovery from workouts and make more gains! In this post, we're going deeper into the topic of naps. 


Naps are just short bouts of sleep you use to rest and recover somewhere in the middle of the day. They have a low time cost for a lot of gain and if you aren't taking them yet, you'll be looking at how to take them after this post!