Philip Chubb

Philip ChubbI started my journey of movement over ten years ago with martial arts.

Branching out over time, I got into breakdancing, gymnastics, dance, swimming, handbalancing, bouldering, and more.

I am a firm believer in continually learning how to improve ones skills and services and believe it to be a dishonor not to continually improve.

This mindset has lead to me learning from many great teachers such as Charles Poliquin, The Poliquin Group, The Ido Portal Method, Yuri Marmerstein, Steve Atlas, and many more.

Move and improve every single day.


Martina Chubb

Martina ChubbI was introduced to movement back in 2012.  When I first started, I was weak, fragile-minded, and immobile. I could not even do one single push up. I can truly say that I started my movement journey as a complete beginner. Philip showed me a whole new world by training me, and teaching me martial arts within the first year.

In 2013, I took my art very seriously so I got into gymnastics, dance, bouldering, handbalancing, floreio and much more. I also had a great hunger to learn more so I attended seminars from a variety of teachers, such as: Ido Portal Method, Poliquin Group, Yuri Marmerstein, and many more.

I will say, movement grew on me. Before, I was your average lazy homer simpson, but now I honestly cannot go a day without moving and improving my skills.

Movement is a part of life, and to see yourself grow beyond your potential is life changing. There's nothing that makes me happier than inspiring others to move and improve continually.

For any questions about the journey, and how to get started contact us at mail@mindfulmover.com .